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Inaugural Disability Pride Parade: Unified in Pride--Chicago, Illinois

2004 Parade Pictures



The Inaugural International
Disability Pride Parade
Unified in Pride
Sunday, July 18, 2004
Chicago, Illionis

Yoshiko Dart donned the Parade Marshall’s sash, sewn by Co-Chair Amy Selders, and led marchers down Solidarity Drive then turned on Museum Campus Drive to Soldier Field Green map.  Organizers expected five- to six hundred participants, but an estimated 1500 to 2000 came. Marchers walked, rolled, rode on floats and in cars.  They cheered, chanted and high-fived each other.  Co-Chair Sarah Triano, Mother of the Disability Pride Parade, told the assembled crowd that disability is a natural and beautiful part of life.  Many activists spoke and/or performed.  Idar Dart, daughter of Yoshiko and Justin, put some of her father’s sayings into the song LEAD ON!  Janice Fialka described her experience of the Parade in her poem Puddles To Pride.

Letters of solidariy came from other Countries like Nepal.

Yoshiko and Justin Dart
Yoshiko Dart 2004 Parade Marshal with her husband Justin. They spearheaded passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act.




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